Virtual phone system

Wow your customers with a brand new image. Our totally flexible, internet based phone service puts you in control and allows you to add or remove features at any time.

Virtual Phone System

Call forwarding

Never miss an important business call again. Choose numbers from multiple UK area codes and have them all diverted to your existing landline or mobile.

Call Forwarding

Call management

Our amazingly simple yet powerful call management features will allow your business to project a professional image and handle calls more effectively, whatever your industry, size or budget.

Call Management

The on-demand phone service

Created by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs

1. Choose a number for your business

Choose a new number from anywhere in the UK or port in your existing one.

2. Add extensions for your employees

Receive calls directly over the Internet or forward to an external number.

3. Set up call handling features

Choose from a host of useful features to help route calls more effectively.

4. Work anywhere, stay connected

Work wherever you like, whenever you like. The world is your office - literally!

More than just a hosted PBX

We like to innovate - it's what we do

Complete transparency

We're committed to building a service that you can depend on in your business. Our live status page was built to offer real-time visibility into the health of our systems at all times.

Connect any device

Connect directly over the Internet using any SIP device, or seamlessly forward calls to one or more mobile/landline numbers - the caller will never know the difference.

Developer API

Our RESTful VoIP API allows users to integrate their own systems and create applications built on top of the Sipcentric platform. Visit the Developer Site for more details.

Click-to-call, screen popping and more

The Sipcentric Chrome Extension enables a host of productivity enhancing features such as:

  • Click-to-call
  • Automatic number recognition
  • SMS messaging
  • Shared phone book
  • Recent call history

Plus, if you use a web-based CRM or contact manager, incoming calls can also trigger a search to display the caller’s account or record, even before answering the call (subject to compatibility).

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